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Ultrathin Cookie Recipe

Yesterday Annette from Annie's Wool Works taught two groups of wonderful ladies how to make her Woolie Flower Wreath. They did an amazing job. Everyone of these wreaths turn out fabulous. It's always fun to see what little changes you creative ladies do to make them your own as well. Annette has two more classes coming up so watch for those....a Sunflower and a Reindeer! Both lovely as you would expect!


For the class I had made some Ultrathin Chocolate Chip Cookies, currently my favorite cookie. Some of you asked for the recipe so I just wanted you to know I added it to this site. Just go to recipes and look under cookies. I have still not completely finished the recipe section...still transferring from my old site. Cuts into my knitting time so I haven't been real diligent.


Let me know if you make them and how they turned out. I think I listed all of the changes I have made to the recipe.


Happy Baking/Knitting/Weaving/Etc!




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