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KAL Simple Sock

Hello! Interested in doing a Sock KAL (knit along)? I have been designing socks with the gorgeous yarn from Comeragh Yarns & Fiber, some of them more complex. So I thought it was time for something simple. We always need a simple, no brainer project to travel with right? These socks will just be a knit 3, purl 1, pattern....such relaxing knitting.

So grab your size 1 or 2 needles, whichever you prefer for knitting socks on fingering weight yarn. I am using size 1 because I tend to knit loose. The yarn I chose is Comeragh Yarns - Every Breaking Wave. This yarn has over 450 yards and it is super wash merino and nylon. Several colors in stock if you need some. Happy to ship, same day. Stitch In Time is the only shop in the USA to stock this yarn and we are so grateful to have found it. All of her colors are absolutely stunning.

To begin, cast on 64 stitches loosely. Use whatever method you prefer for loosely casting on. I use the cable cast on but put 2 of the needles in my left hand. Join, being careful not to twist and work in K3, P1, rib for approximately 7 inches or desired length.

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